Set of 3 Layering Necklaces - Tiny Hamsa Hand, Beaded Satellite Chain, Lotus Flower Petal Necklace

$ 76.00
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SET of 3 Includes:
-Tiny Matte Dangling Hamsa Hand Necklace- Measures 10mm, in gold vermeil on gold filled chain.
-Beaded Satellite Chain in 14kt Gold filled.
-Matte gold filled Lotus Petal Necklace- Bezel measures 7mm, on gold filled chain. This petal can also be done in a polished finish.

Necklace Lengths- Choose the length of your SHORTEST necklace from drop down box:

Top two necklaces will be made with 1" spaced apart. Please choose the length of your shortest necklace (Tiny Matte Hamsa Hand) from the drop down box and the last two will be adjusted accordingly.
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