14K Stud Earrings • Many Styles

$ 40.00
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Modern and minimal 14K Stud Earrings. These tiny pair of geometric stud earrings are perfect for multiple piercings or cartilage piercings.

• Entirely 14K Solid gold

• Your choice of Mirror Finish or Matte Satin Finish

• Hand soldered posts- includes 14KT Solid Gold butterfly clutch backs

• You will receive one PAIR of earrings or a SINGLE stud if you would rather only one earring. 

• Please make your selection for one of the following:

1. Circle Disc Stud (3mm in diameter)
2. Circle Disc Stud (4mm in diameter)
3. Circle Disc Stud (6mm in diameter)
4. Tiny Star Stud (5mm in diameter)
5. Star Stud (7mm in diameter)
6. Half Moon Chubby (4mm x 5mm)
7. Crescent Moon Stud (4mm x 6mm)
8. Lightening Bolt (4mm x 11mm)
9. Tiny Triangle (3mm x 3mm)
10. Small Triangle (6mm x 6mm)
11. Square Stud (4mm x 4mm)
12. Diamond-Shaped Stud (4mm x 8mm)
13. Tiny Chevron (4mm x 5mm)
14. Cross Stud (6mm x 9mm)
15. Princess Crown (5mm x 6mm)
16. Heart Stud (5mm x 6mm)
17. Tiny Arrow (3mm x 7mm)
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