14K Rainbow Ear Cuff

$ 155.00
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Rainbows represent happiness and joy. That is just the feeling you will get when you slip this beautiful multi colored diamond ear cuff on. A fun and flirty look of a statement piercing without any commitment whatsoever. Pair it up with our tiny little Rainbow Diamond Bar earrings for the perfect matching set with only having one piercing!!

To wear you slip this on the top of your ear, slide it down and hook it over the middle part of your ear. Gently pinch in place for a secure fit.

**Model is shown above with other earrings in our collection to create a layered look. These items are sold separately.**

• Sold individually, not as a pair
• Entirely 14K Solid Yellow
• Genuine Multi Colored Diamonds surround the entire cuff.
• 13mm in diameter

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